Adults and children attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Autism support and services provision review

In 2019 East Berkshire CCG commissioned Attain to carry out an independent review of ADHD and autism services (all ages) across East Berkshire. As part of the review stakeholders including current services providers, carers, service users, local authorities, community and voluntary sector services were consulted on the current provision of services, gaps in current provision and were asked to help design what good would look like for future services.

The review

As a result of the review, a full review report was drafted, a summary version report and an easy read version of the report have been produced.

The report shows that there are inconsistencies in service provision and access which should be addressed. The report also indicated there is a greater need to focus services on those with ADHD as the numbers are significantly higher and proportionately we have a smaller provision of services for service users.

The output of the Attain review was received in May 2019 and included:

  1. A review of the services
  2. A blueprint for autism and ADHD services and support in East Berkshire, and it’s wider region. The principles of this ‘Blueprint’ are early help, collaboration, system navigation, communication and environment.
  3. An implementation framework


The engagement activities were done via a number of stakeholder workshops, a survey, speaking to provider service users, engaging with providers and local authorities to gain an understanding of the current service provision to identify gaps, issues and inconsistencies.

A workshop was carried out on 15 October 2019, to socialise the findings of the report back to all stakeholders involved in the review.

The aim of the workshop was to:

  • Share the findings of the report
  • Highlight what good looks like in ADHD and Autism service provision
  • Share the short term steps we are taking to improve things
  • Provide an opportunity for attendees to comment on the future service model

50 people attended this meeting, including parent and carers of children with Autism/ADHD, young people with autism/ADHD, community and voluntary groups, health, education and local authority representatives.

During the workshop, attendees had an opportunity to feedback on the blueprint model. The workshop outputs reports highlights how further involvement and engagement led to another iteration to the final THRIVE model.

Download the presentation form the 15 October workshop.

Useful downloads

Full report


Easy read report


Summary report


Bulletin update January 2020