Changes to Extended Access to General Practice services in Slough

Patients will be able to access evening and weekend appointments across additional sites in Slough from the 1 April 2021.

The service was previously offered by Bharani Medical Centre for all registered patients living in Slough and now along with the existing site will also include further sites across Slough allowing greater access and more flexibility for patients to see their GP at a time more convenient for them.

In a joint statement the Primary Care Network (PCN) Clinical Directors for SPINE, LOCC, SHAPE and Central Slough Network said, ‘We are really pleased to be able to offer our patients wider access to evening and weekend appointments. The change will allow for greater consistency in the services being provided across the various locations within Slough’

Between November and December 2020, East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) carried out a survey to understand patient experience of General Practice access in Slough.

There were approximately 1800 responses to the survey and some key themes emerged from the feedback received, such as:

  • Patients felt they should be able to make appointments at any time of the day
  • Not enough time provided to go through any concerns in detail
  • Patients with complex needs felt frustrated that the allocation of time was not enough to support them
  • Some patients felt their problems needed a face-to-face consultation
  • Improvements on waiting times
  • Access to face-to-face appointments when needed
  • The need for consistency of services received

The feedback from the survey has been key in designing the extended access service, which was due to be renewed. Each PCN in Slough will provide services to their own patients which will mean:

  • Improved access at a local GP hub site minimising the need for patients to travel
  • The service can be accessed during evening and weekends.
  • There will also be more access to routine services such as blood tests, dressing changes to name a few.
  • This will also ensure smoother support with Long Term Condition reviews such as diabetes and blood pressure checks.
  • A range of professionals will be available at convenient times to enhance patient care.

Tracey Faraday-Drake Executive Slough Place Managing Director, for The Frimley Collaborative said, ‘The aim of offering additional appointments outside of normal general practice opening hours should provide patients with the flexibility and convenience to access appointments when needed and to receive high quality care in the community.”

From 1 April 2021, the four Slough Primary Care Networks (PCNs) will provide services for their patients as follows:


You must be registered with a GP surgery in Slough to access these additional appointments which can only be booked in advance through your own GP practice.

 The service cannot accept walk-in patients.

The appointments are for routine general practice issues only and not for urgent care. For more information, please contact your GP practice or visit the GP practice website for up-to-date information.

If urgent care is required, please call NHS 111 or online on NHS 111 for advice.